Qualified for

Ensure your workforce are skilled, qualified and compliant.

The Client:

Qualified.for is a cloud based platform that lets you enter your professional records and achievements and provides sophisticated alerting and reporting tools, giving you the full workforce qualification picture.


Qualified.for is a platform that is used for keeping the professional records of officials in a sorted and secured way. So our main objective was to make a video that would convince the corporate organizations or agencies that this is a helpful platform for them. So we decided to make a video with a detailed guideline of using this platform but in a short and fun way.

Storyboard and Illustration:

Since we wanted to make sure that the target audience can get the message through this video very clearly, we introduced multiple characters and all the graphics and icons were custom designed to represent the functions of the platform.

But we also made sure that this doesn’t turn out to be boring and all serious stuff. So, we added playful colors and many other interesting objects to maintain the balance.


After we were done with proper execution of every instruments in the video here you can see our final output of the video we made for Qualified for.