KSI Data Science

Ensure your workforce are skilled, qualified and compliant.

The Client:

KSI Data Science is a software that streamlines the process of gathering intel from remote sources and simultaneously sharing it with multiple stakeholders worldwide for real-time analysis. KSI’s Mission Suite securely delivers the data your team needs to make immediate, informed, decisions.


Their target audience were policy makers and investors who would avail their services for their business purposes only. So they wanted a video which would explain their work process and technology through a video which had to come out as perfect as possible. So we decided to make the video with a professional tone but easy to understand.

Storyboard and Illustration:

Since their target audience were investors and policy makers, we introduced a lot of objects which were required to explain how they work despite the characters.

We added brand colors along with playful color palettes to make it look eye soothing.


After we were done with proper execution of every instruments in the video here you can see our final output of KSI Data Science.